Ms. Peggy Coughlin

6A Grade Teacher

Faculty Member Since: 1986

Hometown: Plattsburgh, NY


What is your favorite memory of being in school?
My favorite school memory is my high school physics class teacher. He certainly was a teacher who made a huge impact on me. He was a man of high integrity and value, as well as possessing great brilliance and creativity. His real love was for inventing. He and his business partner worked on Apollo missions and created laser technology. He is someone I have always had the utmost respect for.

What do you value most about St. Patrick?
St. Patrick School is family. The outpouring of help and love within this community is astounding. I feel this is our greatest strength. We do certainly live the Christian message.

Who or what inspires you most?
To avoid a clich√©, I must say my parents inspire me most. A day does not go by in which I have some memory of them and all they taught me. I try my best to live up to their expectations and standards. I sincerely feel I have a duty to pass onto my students what values were passed onto me…those of integrity, honesty, and the respect and love of education.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I love, love, love to spend time at the beach, soaking up the sun, feet in the hot sand, and listening to the sound of the waves. Heaven on earth!

What is the best advice you have ever received?
The best advise I have ever had? Difficult to answer. Perhaps out of the large pool it would have to be to never judge a person. No one knows what they have been though or are presently going through. By no means, should I or anyone else be their judge. God does that.