Scrip Program

You can help St. Patrick Catholic School earn thousands of dollars with absolutely no extra cost to you!

Scrip is a program designed to raise money for your child’s school without having to sell anything, make anything or buy anything that you normally would not buy. Scrip, in the form of gift cards from local and national merchants, is used just like cash in their stores. When you purchase these gift cards, a portion of the money “rebate” is given directly to St. Patrick Catholic School. It is a way of getting money to the school without extra out-of-pocket expense to you.

Why use Scrip gift cards?
When you purchase these gift cards, you can raise thousands of dollars for the school at no additional cost to you.

Where can I use Scrip?
Visit to learn the “usage guidelines” for all the Scrip gift cards you can purchase.

How much is the rebate?
Each merchant’s rebate is different, and often changes throughout the year. If you would like to see a current list, please go online to

How do I purchase Scrip?
You may purchase Scrip gift cards through our “Daily SCRIP-to-Go” program and our “Weekly Special Order” program.

Daily SCRIP-to-Go Program: Each school day, you may send a completed Scrip Daily Order Form  and check payment to school in the provided RED envelope with your youngest child. Orders received by 8:00 am will be filled and returned the same day in the RED envelope. This program allows you to quickly purchase our select Top 20 selling items.

Weekly SCRIP Special Order Program: This Scrip Weekly Order Form  form is a selection of our most popular SCRIP gift cards. When you send in your order and check payment in the RED envelope to school byMonday morning, your order will be sent home with your youngest child that Friday.

What if I want to place a special order online?
“Shop With Scrip” online provides a more comprehensive list of merchants for purchase. Request the school enrollment code by emailing, go online to, input the school enrollment code, place an order, then print out the confirmation order and send it to school with your payment by Monday morning. Online orders must be placed by Sunday at midnight for Friday delive

Please note that full payment for online orders must be received by the deadline Before any order is placed and filled.

Can I pay with a Credit Card? 
Yes, we can accept credit cards if you pay at the school office; a convenience charge will be added. However, please do consider registering for PrestoPay on your ShopWithScrip account and pay online through an electronic debit of your checking account.  If you would like more information on PrestoPay,  this link will take you to our Learning Section or you can contact a ShopWithScrip Customer Service representative at 800-727-4715, option 3.

Whom do I contact if I have questions regarding Scrip?

Liza Wheatley or Jami Strona at:

Thank you for your support!