St. Patrick Catholic School provides students an integrated computer technology program. Along with a weekly forty-five minute computer class, the students have access to the computer lab before and after school. The program provides a challenging, comprehensive, and relevant curriculum for each student that fulfills the school’s purpose, strengthens Catholic identity, and results in student achievement. Strategies are developed that will raise the awareness of students regarding ethical and moral issues related to computer technology while at the same time nurturing the development of student expertise.

Along with the diocesan technology curriculum, the guidelines for students are divided into eleven different categories. Although organized by grade, it is important to note that the realization of the objectives could expand within a year or two of the extended grade level. Grade level expectations are aligned with the curriculum and challenge the students by encouraging them to work in the zone of proximal development. The guidelines are as follows: social and ethical practices, general computing knowledge, keyboarding, core-curriculum support, project-based learning, graphics, word processing, telecommunications, electronic presentations, database, and spreadsheets. These guidelines are not limitations, but the foundation for a well prepared computer literate student.