Appropriate dress and grooming are important parts of our school community atmosphere. Students are encouraged to present themselves in a way that contributes to the overall school setting and parents are reminded that they are ultimately responsible for the appearance and dress of their children. Complete guidelines may be found in the Parent/Student Handbook.


Dennis Uniform Company is the designated provider of school uniforms. In order to ensure consistency of color and style, uniforms must be purchased through Dennis. PTG sponsors a used uniform sale for parents who would like to purchase these gently used uniforms.

Used Uniform Sale

A Used Uniforms sale takes place twice a year; usually in August and at Open House in January. School parents will be notified via the Friday Newsletter for upcoming sales.

Dennis Uniform Sale

For your convenience, Dennis Uniform comes to St. Pat’s once a year usually in August. School parents will be notified via the Friday Newsletter when that date is scheduled. ┬áDon’t forget that these uniforms can be purchased with Scrip (gift cards you can buy through our Scrip Program. See our fundraising page for details or call the school office).

Dennis Uniform School Code: D62

Click here www.dennisuniform.com

Spirit Wear

Parents love Spirit Wear! Our Booster Club sells many clothing items with our school logo. These are great for parents to wear to school events or games to show school pride. To view these items and to place an order, click here.

Generic non-uniform items with the St. Patrick name on them may be purchased through an online supplier. In addition to apparel are various items such as duffle bags, water bottles, etc. Our school receives a portion of all your purchases. To view the items and place an order, click here.