St. Patrick Catholic School offers several after school programs for an additional cost. These programs may vary from year to year and parents are notified via the school newsletter, an email blast or by an enrollment form that goes home as to when sign-ups take place. Currently the following programs are offered on campus after school:



Monart is an after school drawing class offered to students in grades K-3. Your child will be under the guidance of a certified MONART instructor. Learning to draw will increase your child’s self-confidence and improve their ability to perform well in other academic and social activities. Three 8 week sessions are offered throughout the school year.


Running Club

Running Club is offered to all students in grades K-8. Students meet every Wednesday (weather permitting) after school and run/walk to Holiday Park where participants enjoy various fun, physical activites. Students may join any time during the year and must have a permission slip on file.


Robotics Enrichment Program


Students in grades 3-8 have an opportunity to participate in this Hands-On Robotics Enrichment Program. For an extra cost, students can participate in this 8 week program. For more information on the robotics curriculum, please go to www.robolinks.com


Academic Chess


Academic Chess uses stories, dances, and catchy songs to make the game of chess exciting and easy to understand. This wonderful learning experience not only teaches children to play chess, but also prepares them for life by enhancing their thought process. For an extra cost, students can participate in this 7 week program. For more information, please go to www.academicchess.net


Jump Rope Club


Our Jump Rope Club is run by USA Jump Rope Stars. Students in grades 1-8 may participate in this 10 week after school program. Participant learn to single rope, double dutch, Chinese wheel, 2 person 1 rope and much more! No experience necessary.

Fit Kids America


Fit Kids America offers a variety of programs to students in grades K-4 that are fun for children while at the same time instills in them a love for fitness.  Parents are notified via the school newsletter as to what course are being offered.