School Advisory Board

As an advisory governing body of St. Patrick Catholic School, the School Advisory Board’s mission is to:

  • Promote Catholic education and the concept of lay ministry
  • Advise the Pastor and Principal on matters relating to the school
  • Serve as a conduit for communications between the Pastor, Principal, parents and parish

The School Advisory Board’s responsibilities include:

  • strategic planning
  • development and formulation of policy
  • financial oversight
  • public relations

School Advisory Board Committees

The Development Committee: The long term goal of this committee is to assist in the recruitment and retention of students, as well as enhancing the school’s ability to provide  strong spiritual and academic programs.

The Marketing & Communications Committee: This committee focuses on internal and external communication needs and promotes collaborative communication within the school and parish community. From parish bulletin announcements to newspaper ads, this committee ensures that the good work of St. Patrick Catholic School does not go unnoticed.

The Finance Committee: Among other tasks, this committee works with the Pastor and school administration to prepare and present the annual budget.

The Mission & Faith Development Committee: This committee builds, strengthens, and protects the Catholic identity of St. Patrick Catholic School.

The Strategic Planning Committee: This committee is responsible for developing and maintaining a forward looking vision for the school while it affirms the fundamental principles, assumptions and values that serve the school.