School-wide Learning Expectations

Lifelong Learners:

  • Work diligently to achieve progress in all subject areas
  • Develop organizational and study skills
  • Demonstrate curiosity, creativity, and enthusiasm for learning

Independent Thinkers:

  • Apply problem-solving skills confidently
  • Set, plan and work toward achieving goals effectively
  • Think critically and innovatively

Grateful and Giving Individuals:

  • Display an attitude of gratitude
  • Share their gifts with others
  • Serve all of God’s creation

Honest and Respectful Citizens:

  • Make good choices, seek truth, and are kind
  • Accept responsibility for their choices
  • Listen actively and respond appropriately

Thoughtful Catholic Leaders:

  • Learn and grow in the teachings of the Church
  • Know and model Catholic virtues
  • Build and participate in a Catholic faith community

Be the Light!