Parent Participation Program Hours

Parent volunteers are an integral part of our St. Patrick Catholic Community. Without the involvement of our parents many of the programs we offer would simply not exist. All families of students enrolled in St. Patrick Catholic School are required to complete 20 service hours (PPP hours) as part of their contract. Service hours may be completed at school or church and all hours will be counted together. All hours must be completed by May 30th of the current year.

In September each family receives a YELLOW PPP Hour Envelope. Inside contains a record sheet for you to log your hours on. Envelopes will be collected once a month on the first Monday of every month if you have hours to be recorded. Once the 20 service hour requirement has been met, there is no need to send your envelope in for recording.

PPP Hour Suggestions

The following activities are suggested (but not limited to) ways of fulfilling the PPP hour committment:

  • Baking for class or school function (1 PPP hour for every $10.00 spent)
  • School maintenance and repairs
  • Sports:Coach/team parent/driving carpool to event
  • Driving on class field trips
  • Playground recess or lunch duty
  • Serving Hot Lunch
  • Non-paid classroom help/projects for teachers*
  • School Board member
  • PTG Board member
  • PTG Room Representative*
  • PTG Room Parent
  • Used Uniform team member

* These activites do not require a majority of time spent at school. This is a great way for working parents to earn PPP hours.

Items that do not count for PPP Hours

  • Anything pertaining to a mandatory assigned class/student project
  • Driving to sports games just to watch your child play
  • Hours attending preparation classes for Reconcialtion and First Eucharist
  • Hours worked on 8th grade graduation if you have an 8th grader

For a printable 2021-2022:  Copy of PPP Record Sheet