We follow the curriculum guidelines set by the Diocese of San Diego. Our curriculum is aligned with the California State Framework, covering all basic academic areas. Additionally, special programs are offered during the school week in technology, music, art, Spanish, and physical education.


Daily religious instruction in the Catholic faith is an integral part of the educational program for all students at St. Pats. Catholic traditions, prayers, practices are interwoven with the Gospel message throughout the day.


Our Music Program exists to create opportunities for students to sing with all of their soul, to praise the Lord through music, and to take risks while performing for the community!


Grades K-6 participate in one weekly class. Grades 7-8 participate in two weekly 45-minute classes.


The computer curriculum is all designed and implemented by Beyond Technology Education.

Reading Resource

The Reading Resource program helps students gain confidence and mastery in reading fluency and comprehension


Our Art program implements the Arts Attack program.

Junior High Drama

The junior high drama program invites students to explore various aspects of drama: theatre history, oral interpretation of poetry and literature, cross-curriculum studies with theatre and history, creative writing (including writing for the screen) and the elements of theatre production.