We have partnered with Catholic Uniforms and iPartner here in the Diocese of San Diego, to provide quality uniforms and services for our school community. Working collaboratively, we have ​developed a​n​ improved ​uniform program that will stay in place for the foreseeable future. ​For our current families, many of your existing uniform items will remain usable throughout the 2018-2019 school year.​In order to ensure consistency of color and style, uniforms must be purchased through one uniform supplier. We’ve simplified our uniform options, making choices easier for parents and students. We’ve also moved toward more durable fabrics for boys, and have adopted a new, high-quality plaid for the girls that looks really sharp!In addition to a sharp​, updated​ ​uniform ​look, we’ve modernized the ordering process, too.

Just like many families shop online for household items, gifts, electronics and clothes, St. Patrick’s uniform sales are now online. This means you can take simple measurements in your home and order at your convenience, without having to drive across town or visit a ​busy store. In 2018, we sent a “​Your S​ize​” measuring kit home with each student. Each kit includes a free measuring tape and simple instructions.​​ Your uniform order will be processed, embroidered (when applicable) and shipped from within ​San Diego County.

Order Uniforms Online

​Need Help or Customer Service?

Please write to ​customerservice@ipartnerassociates.com​ or call​ ​619-669-1881 for the best and fastest service possible.

On-Site Measuring Appointments

On-site measuring appointments are offered during the summer months for your convenience. Parents will be notified via email when these appointments are open for scheduling. Each 30-minute appointment is enough time to measure 1-2 siblings. Once you’ve scheduled your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email. Plus, approximately 24 hours before your appointment, you will receive a reminder.


Catholic Uniforms and iPartner are proud to offer our famous “No Fault” returns for exchange. While we have full confidence in our at-home measuring system, we know sometimes things happen. If your uniform item does not fit to your liking and you would like to exchange for a new size, please do the following:

  1. Do not wear or wash the item, other than simply trying it on. We cannot exchange items that have been worn extensively or laundered.
  2. Write to customerservice@ipartnerassociates.com to initiate your return. We’ll provide you with a coupon code via email.
  3. Print the email and place it in a plastic bag with your item to be exchanged.
  4. Take the bag/item/email to your school office and drop it off with the secretary.
  5. Use your coupon code to order a new size of the same item from our online store (here).
  6. You’ll receive your new uniform item quickly… shipped to your home from right here in San Diego County.

Uniform Guidelines

Appropriate dress and grooming are important parts of our school community atmosphere. Students are encouraged to present themselves in a way that contributes to the overall school setting and parents are reminded that they are ultimately responsible for the appearance and dress of their children. Complete guidelines may be found in the Parent/Student Handbook. Each family should review and understand our Uniform Guidelines, available here.

Used Uniform Sale

PTG sponsors a Used Uniform Sale for parents who would like to purchase gently used uniforms at a fraction of the cost. Watch the school news for dates for our next Used Uniform Sale.

Spirit Wear

Parents love Spirit Wear! Our Booster Club sells many clothing items with our school logo. These are great for parents to wear to school events or games to show school pride. To view these items click here. To place an order, click here.  

Our NEW St. Paddy’s Plaid