Grades K-5

Our music program is designed to offer a myriad of opportunities for active participation and success. A child-developmental approach is used in sequence, introducing skills according to the capabilities of the young student.  New concepts are introduced beginning with what is easiest for the child and progressing to the more difficult.  Musical concepts & theory are introduced through listening, singing, movement, and basic percussion instruments.  Applying their music, reading skills, and concepts, recorder instruments are taught in fourth and fifth grade.

Grades 6-8

Students in grades 6-8 will expand their musical knowledge.   Carefully selected materials are utilized for their aesthetic value to the curriculum and provide a framework whereby students learn to understand and appreciate their own Catholic/Christian historical and cultural heritage as well as those of other cultures. Bucket drumming, ukulele, vocal music are all part of the classroom and performance experience.

Our Music Program exists to create opportunities for students to sing with all of their soul, to praise the Lord through music, and to take risks while performing for the community! We learn basic theory, practice songs for mass, and produce a Christmas Pageant and a Grandparents Day celebration every year.