Reading Resource

St. Patrick Catholic School offers a reading resource program to help students gain confidence and mastery in reading fluency and comprehension. Our primary curricula are the Sonday System, a multi-sensory, systematic approach to reading, phonics, and spelling instruction, and Nanci Bell’s Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking, an approach which develops concept imagery. We utilize varied strategies to unlock the code of written language and activate high-level thinking. Individual and small group instruction is provided by trained reading tutors in the school library (Gr. 2-4) or in the child’s classroom (K-1) during the regular school day

Additionally, the St. Patrick Catholic School reading resource program sometimes offers “book clubs” to extend and nurture students’ love of reading. Classroom teachers select students who are highly proficient readers that consistently demonstrate responsible behavior and exemplary work habits. The reading resource teacher selects novels that align with the core literature program, then each week students read the assigned pages and complete the reader response prior to meeting. During the weekly session, students discuss the book and engage in book-inspired activities.