Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Spanish language and culture are introduced through illustrated stories, projected visuals, songs and videos. Activities like acting, singing, dancing and playing games are enjoyed immensely by our students and are a great way to enhance their memory. Basic Spanish is introduced such as numbers, greetings, farewells, parts of the calendar, body parts and weather.

Grammar is not explicitly taught, but is learned by induction. Students are expected to subconsciously acquire the grammatical structure of the language through exposure to spoken language input, in addition to decoding the messages in the input to find their meaning. This approach to listening is called codebreaking.

6th – 8th Grade

Our middle school grades will cover the same grammatical aspects learned in a traditional Spanish 1 course such as: gender + plurality of nouns and articles, verb tenses, demonstrative + possessive adjectives etc.

What sets our program apart is we are not focused on one verb tense at a time. Aspects of Spanish 1, 2, and 3 are introduced in a way that will not raise students’ affective filters and keep interest levels high.

We consolidate knowledge learned in previous years and set the stage for more complex concepts. While standard verb and grammatical structures are covered, curriculum is geared toward improving both fluency and accuracy in comprehension, speaking, and writing.

Through dramatic storytelling, movie clips and music videos analysis, we utilize the Cognitive Input approach to expand students’ vocabulary and capacity to understand Spanish. Reading and writing comprehension assessments associated with aforementioned types of lessons are added to document students’ progress.