The Computer curriculum is all designed and implemented by Beyond Technology Education. We use a project based, integrated approach to teaching both computer skills and increasing the use of technology in the classroom. The students will progress through skills like word-processing, multi-media presentations, and publishing projects and reports. The intent is for teachers to be able to implement projects in their classrooms where students are able to use these various forms of technology and presentation.

The theme for the school year in Kindergarten and 1st Grade is Developing Effective Character Traits. This theme is broken up into 4 units that cover a variety of traits like being a good listener, being a responsible and respectful student, treating others with kindness, showing thankfulness, and practicing perseverance and integrity. While focusing on different aspects of the theme, students will be taught skills that apply to the various applications covered.

The theme for the school year in grades 2nd through 8th is Understanding SMART Goals. Students will be learning about having a growth mindset, setting effective short-term and long-term goals, and being a responsible digital citizen. Throughout the 4 units, students will be learning how to create various document types that present information in a visually appealing manner. Some of the documents include brochures, booklets, and info-graphics. Students will start with basic technology skills in google applications and work their way into more advanced applications like Prezi. Advanced students will learn how to create websites and use coding to create animations and games.

Throughout the year, all grades will be practicing keyboarding abilities to increase typing skills and speed. Kindergarten and 1st grade will start with locating letters, numbers, and symbols working towards being able to type complete words in their projects. 2nd through 8th grades will be using a typing program that teaches proper finger placement and keystroke speed.